Body treatments range from massage to soothe muscles and reduce stress, a rigorous scrub to exfoliate, a hydrating body wrap for moisturisation or buttock lifting and stomach firming by using microcurrent technology such as Dermalift.  There is a treatment for everyone. The choice is yours!  Most body treatments will leave you feeling invigorated and relaxed – a powerful combination!

Non Surgical body toning

Dermalift Body Toning – Inch Loss, Toning and Slimming System. The Silhouette Profile system is advanced technology which uses a faradic current to treat all aspects and conditions relating to overweight, unfit and out of shape bodies. The programme will take the body through a series of successful isometric exercises that will automatically stimulate the muscle groups and lymph points whilst increasing the blood circulation resulting in a measurable inch loss.  Dermalift advanced body treatments provide: Inch loss, Body Lifting, Figure Shaping, Lymphatic Drainage and treating Cellulite areas.